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About: The Brain Scan Series

“Everyone is walking around with this matter in our heads, often on autopilot, and we know so little about it. I started researching brain imaging, and it raised more questions than it answered. I wondered how color connected to feeling, and how scientists try to decipher the codes of thought and emotion. What is the color and pattern of hope, what does the brain look like under the influence of drugs? And why does the human animal constantly desire to manipulate the activity inside the brain, even when it can be deadly or dangerous to do so?”

Verbicky’s interest is not objective, but rather influenced by personal experience. Verbicky grew up in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, both port cities rife with illicit substances and underground parties. “I did a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have. And I think, did I fuck up my brain, maybe permanently?”

Verbicky’s ‘Brainscan’ series make no judgements. He isn’t looking down on the observer from some moral high ground, but rather standing beside them and whispering, “I took this. Did you? Where did it take us? Have we changed ourselves, maybe forever?”